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The Decemberists are also going to be on Parks And Recreation

The Decemberists’ latest tour is making a stop in Pawnee, Indiana. As suggested by a photo posted to Nick Offerman’s Twitter, then confirmed by the band’s publicist, the literate Portland rock band has booked a guest spot on an upcoming episode of Parks And Recreation. There’s no official word on just which episode yet, but judging by the photo’s background, it’s a safe assumption that the band will pop up on the same musically themed episode that already booked Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy. That episode centers on Leslie and Andy trying to reunite (the Tweedy-fronted) local rock heroes Land Ho!, and is scheduled to air sometime in early spring.

In related but superfluous news, Nick Offerman texted Colin Meloy that he thinks the singer’s beard is “super handsome.”


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