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The death of internet privacy is tearing Reddit’s The_Donald page apart

(Photo: Getty Images, Shawn Thew-Pool)

Today in schadenfreude, Reddit’s The_Donald community—the internet’s premiere hive of trolls and hate-filled creeps—has succumbed to petty infighting in response to Donald Trump’s support for the Republican legislation that allows internet service providers to sell your browsing history without permission. As it turns out, people who spend their free time being assholes on the internet have a vested interest in internet-related privacy, and it has shaken their entire worldview to realize that the guy they’ve pledged their loyalty to doesn’t actually share their values. Somehow, they missed the key fact that Trump and the professional obstructionists running the GOP are only in this thing for themselves, and they couldn’t care less about a bunch of shitposters on Reddit.

This comes from a Daily Dot piece that risked taking a glimpse into the dark void that is The_Donald, and perhaps the most baffling thing it discovered is that some users actually think Trump will veto the bill allowing companies to sell your internet data. Considering that Trump has never acted in the interest of others in his entire life, the odds of that happening are about as slim as him actually releasing his tax returns or admitting that his entire presidency is a scheme to make money.


Users are now torn between supporting Trump and recognizing that supporting him is bad for them, which prompted one to say that it makes them “uncomfortable” to think that companies can track and sell their data and another to bemoan the fact that Trump and the GOP are giving even more power to companies like Comcast and Verizon that “screw us over all the time.” Much like with the extreme backlash against the health care bill, which would’ve hurt a lot of people who traditionally support Republicans, people are beginning to realize that they may have made a mistake by backing Trump. It’s a little late for that to do much good, but there’s always value in schadenfreude.

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