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The Deadpool 2 teaser that’s airing before Logan is now online

(Image: Fox)

As everybody who went to see it last night—and, hey, pretty good, right?—knows, Logan doesn’t have an after-credits sequence. But it does have a before-credits one, in the form of a brief teaser for Deadpool 2. The Superman-spoofing sequence is now available to the non-Wolverine-loving public, too, courtesy of star Ryan Reynolds’ YouTube account.

Besides some decent butt jokes, and Wade Wilson’s cheerfully continuing indifference to human life, the most notable thing about the trailer is actually a bit of graffiti adorning the phone booth in which Deadpool futilely attempts to get into costume. “Nathan Summers is cumming” isn’t just one more scatalogical reference for fans of the Merc With The Mouth to laugh about; it’s also yet another reference to Cable, the gun-toting, time traveling mercenary that’s been long-expected as part of Deadpool 2. (Meanwhile, we can’t confirm that the anachronistic appearance of a phone booth in a modern day city means Cable’s already traveled here from the past, or that Deadpool 2 will actually be a crossover with the third Bill & Ted movie, although both of those possibilities seem pretty fucking cool.)


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