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The Day Of The Dead remake picks a director

Illustration for article titled The iDay Of The Dead /iremake picks a director

World War Z is getting a sequel, The Walking Dead is getting comfortable renewals and a companion series, so get ready for another onslaught of zombies with yet another remake of George Romero’s Living Dead series down the pipeline. Deadline reports that House At The End Of The Street director Mark Tonderai will helm a reboot of Romero's third film in the series, 1985's Day Of The Dead, from a script Tonderai co-wrote with Lars Jacobson. (For a bit of trivia, the original Day Of The Dead was current Walking Dead executive producer Gregory Nicotero's first makeup artist credit.) It’s only been five years since a loose remake of the film directed by Steve Miner and starring Mena Suvari and Nick Cannon came out in 2008, but the still-enduring popularity of zombies means that even the flops get another chance at coming back again. There's no indication of whether Tonderai's version will retain the docile zombie Bub or will simply be a rehash of other zombie films, but here's hoping the quirks of Romero's original stay intact.


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