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The Dark Tower TV show’s fate might hinge on a survey

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Stephen King’s The Dark Tower saga centers on a massive, ponderous structure that is, nevertheless, inextricably linked to something small and fragile. (A rose, located in a vacant New York lot.) So it’s weirdly fitting that the fate of the Dark Tower TV show, set in the same universe as the recently released film version, might hinge on something as small as a movie theater exit survey.

Per Deadline, recent exit polls for The Dark Tower included a question about whether fans who’d just watched it would be up for a TV version covering similar material. Apparently, a whopping 83 percent of respondents said yes, and what’s interesting here is that that answer had no correlation whatsoever with what they actually thought of the film. Presumably, then, those yes-es break down into two categories: People who loved the movie’s take on King’s Wild West/fantasy mash-ups, and want more of the same, and all the people who’ve been loudly yelling that the material should have been a TV show in the first place.


Either way, it’s good news for the Dark Tower show, which is being developed by The Walking Dead alum Glenn Mazzara. The series has so far been described as a sort of prequel series, covering younger days in the life of Roland of Gilead as he recounts them to his young companion, Jake.

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