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The Dark Tower still doesn’t have a trailer, but here’s its first teaser poster

(Image: Entertainment Weekly)

Director Nikolaj Arcel’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series will be in theaters on July 28, and though the movie somehow still doesn’t have a teaser trailer of any kind, the film’s Facebook page has just shared a very slick poster that seems to suggest there will be more changes coming to the books’ story than the big one we already know about. The poster, which you can see below, depicts Idris Elba’s Roland and Tom Taylor’s Jake separated from Matthew McConaughey’s Man In Black by a split in a city’s skyline that happens to take the shape of the Dark Tower itself. Plus, the tagline is a nod to one of the best moments in The Gunslinger, the first book in the series.


/Film theorizes that the city in the poster could be Lud, a post-apocalyptic dump that shows up in one of the later books, but Occam’s razor dictates that it’s probably just New York. Still, the fact that the very first poster for the Dark Tower movie depicts a city and not an endless desert seems like an important detail, since it could indicate that most of the movie will take place in “our world” (or at least Jake’s world) instead of Roland’s. Then there’s the matter of the figure standing off to McConaughey’s side, who could be any one of the many people cast in this movie who aren’t Elba, Taylor, or McConaughey.

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