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The Dark Tower just got a little further away

(Image: Entertainment Weekly)

The Dark Tower movie adaptation fled across the film schedule, and the audience followed. Consequence Of Sound reports that there’s now one more week between Stephen King fans and Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey’s cinematic take on the author’s sprawling fantasy epic, with The Dark Tower bumped back a week, from July 28 to August 4.

The movie is getting bumped back for, of all things, The Emoji Movie, which is being rescheduled so that it can land more firmly in the pre-school “Oh God, we’ve got to take the kids to something” movie-going window. Meanwhile, we’re still waiting to see actual footage of the film, which stars Elba as King’s cross between Clint Eastwood and King Arthur, Roland of Gilead. But then, this is all ka (or caca, in the case of Patrick Stewart’s role in The Emoji Movie), and there’ll be trailers (or more reschedulings) if God wills it.


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