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The Dark Knight Rises will be PG-13 and "sensual," as if you needed us to tell you that

Given that every Batman film has been rated PG-13 since 1989—when Tim Burton’s version helped establish PG-13 as the most desirable rating for all would-be blockbusters—it is probably not surprising to learn that The Dark Knight Rises will also be PG-13, unless you for some reason hoped that Christopher Nolan might conclude his trilogy by having Bruce Wayne say, “Ehhh, fuck this shit” before swooping off into retirement. Instead, the film will have some salty language—but not rile-the-MPAA salty—as well as “intense sequences of violence and action,” and most promisingly, “some sensuality,” suggesting that the title may be a deliciously ribald double entendre. It also promises a marked improvement over Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, in which the sensuality remained subtextual yet so frustratingly unexpressed between Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman. Now we’ll finally get some. [Nolanfans via Collider]


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