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The Dana Carvey Show to receive long-overdue DVD release

The Dana Carvey Show’s legend has grown to Camelot-like proportions since the show’s legendary seven-episode run in 1996. The show boasted a cast and writing staff that rivaled the Algonquin Round Table for wit and talent: Stephen Colbert, Steve Carell, Robert Smigel, Louis C.K and Charlie Kaufman were among its show’s writers and performers. I guess Dana Carvey was probably involved with it on some level as well.

Comedy geeks consequently have reason to rejoice, as the show will finally be released on DVD on May 12 courtesy of the good folks over at Shout Factory (naturally). The box set will contain all eight episodes of the show, including one that never aired though so far is relatively light on extras. If you haven't yet checked it out on Hulu, it's a very funny show with a very warped sensibility.


In slightly less important news, longtime AV Club inside joke The Sinful Dwarf will be making its DVD debut soon as well.

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