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The Daily Show unveils bracket to determine Trump’s greatest tweet

The Daily Show

It’s no overstatement to say that Donald Trump is one of Twitter’s biggest fans (in fact, it may be an absurdly large understatement), but for a man who is such a prolific tweeter, it can be hard to determine which of his many missives is truly the best. To that end, Comedy Central and The Daily Show have put together a “Third Month Mania” bracket to determine “the greatest Donald Trump tweet of all time.”

The Trump tweets that are most representative of his work have been collected and divided into four categories: Celebs, Enemies, Government Affairs, and WTF. From there, they’ve been split into a bunch of separate match-ups, and you can vote on which ones you think are the best. Later this week, the winners will move on to a second round for more voting, with that process continuing until the finals in three weeks. You can see a video of host Trevor Noah breaking down the bracket below:

You can join in on the fun at this link.


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