While much of New York remains in total disarray, the little New York that lives inside the rest of America's TV boxes is starting to look normal again—or, the New York that's home to late-night talk shows, anyway. After two days off, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will return with new episodes tonight, cramming in at least a few days more of election jibes, plus all the Chris Christie/Michael Bloomberg stuff they can manage. They'll join the already-returned Jimmy Kimmel Live, who resumed broadcasting from Brooklyn last night, as well as Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and Late Show With David Letterman, with the latter presumably finally getting a live audience in after two nights of experimenting. No word yet on when the Guy In Front Of A Bunch Of Spray-painted Flags Raving About The New World Order Show returns to Manhattan's public access channel, however, after the United Nations orchestrated the hurricane to shut him down.