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The CW's Crisis On Infinite Earths will include every Arrowverse show and go for 5 hours

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Last year, just as Avengers: Infinity War fever was sweeping the nation, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow threw in a familiar plot about collecting a series of magical stones that each have a particular super power. Unlike Infinity War, that ended with the heroes summoning a giant stuffed animal named Beebo to fight a monster instead of half of all life getting wiped out. This year, with Marvel having numbed everyone’s butts with the three-hour Avengers: Endgame, The CW is once again preparing to one-up the MCU by announcing that its annual Arrowverse crossover will clock in at five hours. Oh sure, it’ll happen over the course of two days and you’ll be able to get up and use the bathroom during commercial breaks, but it’s still an impressive move from a little group of TV shows that aren’t even remotely on the radar of the biggest movie series on the planet.

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Anyway, The CW is pulling this off by including all of the Arrowverse shows, even Legends Of Tomorrow (which stayed out of this season’s Elseworlds crossover) and the brand new Batwoman TV series. Plus, it makes a lot of sense for The CW to pull out all the stops for the next event, since it’ll be the last one for flagship show Arrow and it’ll be an adaptation of DC’s iconic Crisis On Infinite Earths storyline. The original version of that saga saw both The Flash and Supergirl lose their lives, but the recent season finale of Arrow hinted that it will actually be Oliver Queen who sacrifices himself to save all of reality. Who knows, maybe all three will die this time around, leaving Batwoman and the Legends as the true rulers of The CW’s block of teen-friendly superhero dramas.

Currently, Crisis On Infinite Earths is set to air at some point in December. Also, if The CW was serious about this, it would bring in all of its shows, not just the superhero ones. Don’t The 100 and Riverdale deserve to fight against the destruction of the universe as well?


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