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The CW will tell a few more Legends Of Tomorrow this season

Legends Of Tomorrow (Image: The CW)

Deadline reports that The CW has upped its second-season order for Legends Of Tomorrow, adding four more episodes onto the time traveling DC Comics crossover show. The series—which is designed to have shorter seasons than fellow comic book comrades like Arrow and The Flash—will run for 17 episodes this year.

Five episodes into its sophomore season, Legends has been acclimating viewers to the changes to its status quo—most notably, the replacement of Arthur Darvill’s time travelin’ Rip Hunter with new protagonist Nathan Heywood (Nick Zano). The series also stars Caity Lotz, Brandon Routh, and Victor Garber, and recently featured appearances from Arrow villain Damien Darhk and Flash bad guy Eobard Thawne.


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