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The CW wants you to "Catch VD"

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Adding a much-needed dose of chastity to what has turned out to be Hollywood Hump Day, The CW has debuted a clever new ad campaign for The Vampire Diaries to draw attention to the show’s mid-season return. The first, “Catch VD,” can be seen on billboards along Sunset Boulevard and in Time Square, and offers a reminder to “catch” the show—here represented by its initials—when it airs on television. Of course, the aura of prurience that has so infiltrated the entertainment industry of late has caused some to speculate that “VD” may be a winking reference to “venereal disease.” However, a spokesperson for the network flatly denies that, saying, “VD simply stands for Vampire Diaries, and anyone who thinks otherwise should probably get themselves checked out,” so there you go. And may we say, that seems like sound advice.


Those outdoor promos are also joined by the below TV spot asking viewers if they've “Got Wood?”—not only a play on the familiar “Got Milk?” slogan, but also a sly allusion to wooden stakes, a necessary thing to have in a world filled with vampires indeed. Anyway, in the midst of so much divisive perversion, at least we can all find common ground in sharing a wholesome laugh. [EW]

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