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The CW to follow the massive Crisis On Infinite Earths with a small Superman/Batwoman event in 2021

Illustration for article titled The CW to follow the massive iCrisis On Infinite Earths /iwith a small Superman/Batwoman event in 2021
Photo: Katie Yu (The CW)

Where do you go after blowing up the universe in Crisis On Infinite Earths? DC Comics has been trying to figure that out for nearly 40 years, bringing all of its heroes together for a new Crisis every few years that often undoes or redoes whatever happened the last time, but now The CW gets to enjoy figuring out how to tackle a similar quandary. At the end of last year, it destroyed every DC superhero TV show (and a movie or two) in its own adaptation of Crisis On Infinite Earths that ended with Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow sacrificing his life and creating a new reality where most things are slightly better and other things—as noted in post-Crisis episodes of some of these shows—are annoyingly worse. The CW’s Crisis was five hours long and took over every single one of its DC superhero shows (except for Black Lightning, but its eponymous star did get to show up and zap stuff), leaving fans to wonder how the network could possibly top it. Make it six hours? Include the Teen Titans Go! characters? Find out how little Henry Cavill or Gal Gadot would be willing to work for?

As it turns out, The CW is choosing a much simpler option: Don’t even bother to try and top it. Instead, according to Deadline, CW boss Mark Pedowitz says they’re planning a “smaller event” that will only take up two hours and feature a crossover between Batwoman and the upcoming Superman & Lois. He says they’re “talking about doing Superman and Batwoman together,” though “there’s a lot of characters coming from our other shows.” If we had to guess, Barry Allen and Supergirl would be a no brainer, but the Legends Of Tomorrow are less likely. (Which is fine, as long as we get a tongue-in-cheek meta-joke on Legends about them not being invited.)

So what will this crossover be about? We have no idea, but thanks to the universal restructuring at the end of Crisis, there is a chance Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman (who occasionally popped up in other CW shows before getting his own spin-off with Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane) did at least meet Batwoman’s version of Bruce Wayne before he fell off the radar. This could give them a chance to really address the elephant-sized bat in the room and dig into what happened to this universe’s Batman. At the very least, we better get another appearance from a certain big table if the Super Friends are getting back together.

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