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Illustration for article titled The CW shuns emEmily Owens M.D./em, just like in high school

In yet more bad news for blond female physicians toiling through a medical career that is also a parallel to something, The CW has followed yesterday's negligent death for Fox's The Mob Doctor by pulling the plug on Emily Owens M.D. It's an inevitable end for the drama that argued that everything in life—even establishing your residency at a hospital—is exactly like high school if you constantly think about it in terms of high school, seeing as its ratings had dipped to a dismal 0.3 share, all the popular kids made fun of it, and even Hart Of Dixie was looking all sidelong at it the other day, even though Emily Owens and Hart Of Dixie used to be best friends. Mamie "Meryl Streep's Daughter" Gummer will make her final pratfall in a lab coat once the show's remaining seven episodes complete their scheduled run, and return home for the holidays to feign being happy for sister Grace when she talks about her upcoming run on The Newsroom. It will be just like in high school.


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