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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled The CW rewards emBeauty And The Beast/em with a full season for not actively trying to hurt anyone

Rewarding it for spending several weeks on the network and not, say, accidentally airing an episode that somehow dumped snow on an already-ravaged East Coast, The CW has picked up its modern fairy-tale cop thing Beauty And The Blemish for a full season, with the hopes that the series will continue to perform adequately and avoid contributing to any natural disasters. The show is nowhere near the breakout hit that Arrow has been, but it has maintained a solid-for-The-CW 0.9 rating among adults—adults who tune in weekly to realize every little girl's dream of becoming some kind of cop or something, who's swept into in a magical fantasy world by a mysterious guy who throws temper tantrums about his minor skin condition. As it is ostensibly a reboot of the cult 1980s series, we expect—nay, demand—that the back nine episodes immediately begin incorporating more poetry readings.


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