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The CW renews Hart Of Dixie and Beauty And The Beast, picks up Vampire Diaries spinoff

Illustration for article titled The CW renews iHart Of Dixie/i and iBeauty And The Beast/i, picks up iVampire Diaries/i spinoff

The soft dewy freshness of spring renewal season continues today, as The CW has announced that it’s picked up sexy doctor in a sexy small town show Hart Of Dixie for a third season and sexy beauty and the sexy beast show Beauty And The Beast for a second. The former was seen as a likely renewal, because even though it has low ratings, its ratings are still pretty good for a network that couldn’t cancel everything. The latter was a bit more of a surprise, but network president Mark Pedowitz seems high on the show. Maybe he just really likes when guys are seen as “not hot” because they have tiny little scars and occasionally drop into rages that make them look like a big ol’ kitty cat. The two join the already-picked-up Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and Arrow, in addition to America’s Next Top Model, which received a pickup earlier this year, but will only return for one cycle next season.


Speaking of The Vampire Diaries, The CW also made the second series commitment of the 2013-14 season (the first was NBC’s blind commitment to the new Michael J. Fox series) by picking up that show’s spinoff, The Originals, which just had a backdoor pilot last night that our own Carrie Raisler quite enjoyed. The series will be about sexy vampires and sexy witches doing sexy things in America’s sexiest city, New Orleans, and also there is a supernatural, presumably sexy baby involved somehow. We’re hoping that The CW can work it out with HBO for a super-awesome crossover where Klaus teaches everybody a lesson on family on Treme, while Antoine Batiste drops by on The Originals for a very special Mardi Gras.

This leaves only The Carrie Diaries and Nikita’s fates hanging when it comes to the network’s scripted content, as well as Oh Sit! for the network’s unscripted content, though let’s face it: Oh Sit! will be back because God hates you.

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