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Surprising no one who has seen its overall ratings or listened to network president Mark "Spy Magazine Wrote My Surname" Pedowitz talk wistfully about trying to attract young girls, The CW has announced the renewals of Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and 90210, three of its remaining flagship shows now that even the makers of One Tree Hill were like, "What, One Tree Hill is still on?" Supernatural's eighth season, Vampire Diaries' fourth, and 90210's fifth will join the previously renewed America's Top Model, whose seasons can no longer expressed in mere numbers but rather eons. There is still no word on shows considered to be "on the bubble," even in The CW's unusually forgiving terms, such as Ringer, Nikita, and Gossip Girl, but today's announcement should reassure fans of the network's most popular programs who were worried for some reason.


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