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The CW renews all the shows you probably assumed it would already

No longer wanting to go through the charade of waiting for the 2013-2014 season to end before automatically renewing everything, The CW has gone ahead and picked up new seasons of Supernatural, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Reign. In a statement that we made up, CW president Mark Pedowitz said, “I like running a TV station, and I need TV shows for my TV station. Do you have any TV shows for my TV station? Do they have hot young people?” In his actual, boring statement, Pedowitz praised all of those series’ continued growth among the young-adult demo that The CW prizes.

For Supernatural, its 10th-season renewal now ties it with Smallville as The CW’s longest-running drama series—and second only to the immortal America’s Next Top Model as its longest-running series overall, a battle that will be decided in Supernatural's 12th season, when the Winchesters finally go after Tyra Banks. The announcement conspicuously leaves out any word on The Carrie Diaries, Hart Of Dixie, The Tomorrow People, and Beauty And The Beast, though it’s likely their fates will be decided closer to May, or right around the time all of those aforementioned shows will get renewed again, just to be sure.


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