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The CW releases trailers for its Charmed reboot and football show All American

Screenshot: All American (YouTube, The CW)

The CW is a TV wonderland where shows either last forever (telling every story they want to tell and then continue on for another dozen seasons) or they barely make it through their inaugural season before being mercifully canceled. Today, the network released teasers and preview clips for its new shows Charmed and All American, giving us all a chance to guess whether these will be the next Supernatural or the next Life Sentence.

First up is Charmed, a reboot of the sisterly witch show of the same name. This trailer establishes the basic concept, with two sisters struggling with the tragic death of their mother just as their magical abilities begin to manifest and another girl shows up claiming to be their third sister. There’s a weird moment where one of the sisters says she can’t be a witch because she doesn’t like wearing witch costumes on Halloween (“not even slutty ones”), but overall it looks like the sort of thing you can expect from a CW show. We’ll know around this time next year whether or not it’s getting 15 seasons or just one.

Next is All American, which comes from record-breaking superstar producer Greg Berlanti. It’s about a high school football prodigy who gets invited to a transfer to a fancy Beverly Hills school so he can get a better education and play football without worrying about drive-by shootings during the games. It’s looks like 90210 crossed with Friday Night Lights, which is a combination that we’re going to predict will give the show somewhere between one season and 20 seasons.

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