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No Tomorrow

The CW doesn’t cancel stuff very often, because the superhero shows are ridiculously popular and there would literally be riots if Supernatural ended, so it may have come as a shock to fans when the network recently canceled Frequency and No Tomorrow. Luckily, The CW is nothing if not generous, so it has decided to release a pair of epilogues for those shows that pretty much wrap up any loose end they might’ve had, retroactively turning both of their season finales into proper series finales. It’s a very nice gesture, and one that probably would’ve been appreciated if The CW had thought to do it 10 years ago when it canceled Veronica Mars, but whatever.

At the risk of spoiling the new endings, the Frequency one is a slightly expanded version of the original finale, but with a new scene where Peyton List’s character passes back one last bit of information to her father, and the No Tomorrow clip is an Animal House-style wrap-up that shows where everyone ended up after the finale. You can see Frequency at that link and No Tomorrow at this one.


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