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The CW pushes up premiere dates of Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Jane The Virgin

The CW may be putting as many eggs as it can in the DC Comics basket, but Jane The Virgin is still the network’s biggest critical hit. So when The CW announced its fall premiere dates, it was surprising that Jane The Virgin and newcomer Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were being held back two weeks longer than the superhero and vampire shows—The Flash, for example, comes back on October 6, but Jane wasn’t set to come back until October 19.

Now, though, the network has realized its mistake and is pushing the premieres of both Jane and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend up a week to October 12. We assume this is mostly because it realized making fans of the one show—and future fans of the other—wait an extra week was cruel, but Variety mentions something about The CW’s New York affiliate airing a football game between the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles on October 19, which would’ve pre-empted those premieres. The network probably didn’t want to offend anyone in that small, obscure TV market by cheating them out of a Jane The Virgin episode, so it simply moved the premiere dates. See, New York? Sometimes people do pay attention to you.


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