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The CW pushes back The Lost Boys and Charmed reboots to 2018

The Lost Boys, Charmed

The CW is holding development on two of its planned reboots—Charmed and The Lost Boys—to next season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The CW is busy with six other pilots and a successful roster of returning shows, making room scarce for the two anticipated reboots. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the Charmed draft “didn’t come in the way The CW had hoped.” The Lost Boys is still in early stages of planning.

Charmed and The Lost Boys come from two producers already working within the CW world—Jennie Snyder Urman, currently showrunner for Jane The Virgin, is working on Charmed, while Rob Thomas, showrunner of iZombie (and of Veronica Mars and Party Down) is set to helm The Lost Boys.


The Lost Boys is a super ambitious project that Thomas pitched as seven seasons following the immortal vampires through seven decades. The first season will take place in San Francisco during 1967’s “summer of love.” The Charmed reboot is also being reimagined as a period piece of sorts, with the action taking place in 1976. It’s unclear how the new ’70s iteration will connect to the old late-’90s early ’00s version.

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