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The CW picks up Ringer for a full season, because it's The CW

Illustration for article titled The CW picks up emRinger/em for a full season, because its The CW

If president Mark “Registered” Pedowitz hadn’t tellingly characterized The CW as a peek inside a young girl’s mind, another apt comparison would be to call it the Cocoon of networks—a place where nobody ever gets any older, and everything on it won’t ever die. So it’s probably no surprise that The CW has issued a full-season order to Ringer, the Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring soap noir with a premise that many early viewers found hard to believe could sustain a single season of television. Promisingly, by all accounts the last couple of episodes have been the best the series has produced so far—though this was thanks in no small part to the sudden death of a supporting character, which, unfortunately, probably isn’t a sustainable plan for the future either. Still, again, Ringer is on The CW, meaning Gellar will likely be able to stare at herself in conveniently placed mirrors for five or six more seasons at least.


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