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Not to be outdone by its comedy peacocking counterparts at NBC, The CW revealed its own series pickups for the 2015-16 season this afternoon. Having wiped Bluebell, Alabama off the map, the network will rebuild on the vacant lot, using pieces that should look familiar to regular CW viewers: The Flash/Arrow spin-off DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and Cordon, a drama set in a quarantined Atlanta that was developed for American TV by The Vampire Diaries’ Julie Plec. Cordon’s point of origin can be traced back to Belgium, a nation whose cultural contributions are usually the enjoyable type of “infectious,” like The Smurfs or big, fluffy waffles buried in fruit.

The CW’s third fall pick-up will also require some significant translation: The network has issued a series order to musical-comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which was previously in the works at corporate cousin Showtime. Per Deadline, The CW plans to expand the show to fit an hourlong timeslot—30 minutes Crazy Ex-Girlfriend can no longer pad out with the type of salty zingers permitted by its non-FCC-regulated former home. Maybe a superhero or two could help? After all, Webb has prior experience with a masked vigilante, one whose all-singing, all-dancing Broadway debut was in no way a notoriously delayed, torturously retooled imbroglio marred by on-stage accidents.


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