Marc Cherry reminding protesters that Desperate Housewives is satire.

According to Variety, The CW had picked up the pilot for Cheerleader Death Squad, a new series produced by Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry. Despite its flashy name, the series will actually be an interview show in which political figures discuss issues like the economy and foreign policy with a rotating panel of contributors. Wait…no. We got our notes mixed up. Cheerleader Death Squad is a show about a former CIA agent who gets a job as a teacher, and then trains his students—cheerleaders, presumably—to become spies. That way, somehow, he can go back to his old job at the CIA. That still doesn’t quite live up to the name, does it?

Earlier today, we reported that The CW had also picked up a bunch of spooky-sounding shows, including a Tales From The Darkside remake, so the network has been on a bit of a pilot rampage this week. With its lineup currently packed with vampires, superheroes, and pregnant virgins, maybe one of these pilots can shake up The CW a bit.