Before anyone gets alarmed, let’s all take a moment and be glad that the headline doesn’t read “Fox in the ‘90s picks up autopsy show from Jerry Bruckheimer.” That show would be called America’s Wildest Autopsies, and it would feature real(ly staged) footage of crazy stuff happening while medical examiners hacked up dead bodies. Thankfully, this is an autopsy show on present-day CW, so it’s going to be a bit more teen-friendly than that—we assume.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says The CW has picked up Bone House, “an offbeat comedic family drama/mystery” about a bunch of siblings who run a “private autopsy company.” In other words, it’s like Six Feet Under for young people, but it probably won’t be anything like that show at all. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing and Flash Forward’s Sheri Elwood will be writing, but that’s really all we know about Bone House at the moment. Also, if Fox in the ‘90s had made a show called Bone House, it would not be about autopsies. It would be a Melrose Place-style soap about a fraternity at a medical college, and teenagers would love it.