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The CW orders full seasons of Jane The Virgin and The Flash

Apparently pleased with the performance of its new series about a young person forever changed by scientific happenstance—and also the one about the really fast guy in the red suit—The CW has ordered full seasons of freshman series Jane The Virgin and The Flash. As reported by the network, Jane delivered The CW’s highest Monday-night ratings in two years, while The Flash was the most-watched CW premiere since The Vampire Diaries’ 2009 debut.

The extended episode orders for both series ups the survival rate for the surprisingly resilient class of 2014-15—as Entertainment Weekly noted this morning, nothing new from the broadcast networks has met an untimely end this fall. “That’s because the Flash has yet to meet his match in Gorilla Grodd,” thinks ostensible future Flash guest Gorilla Grodd, another result of man tampering in God’s domain that has nothing to do with Jane The Virgin. For the time being, however, not even the intrusion of a hyper-intelligent ape can stand in the way of The Flash’s sprint to a complete first season.


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