The Flash

Legends Of Tomorrow—The CW’s super spinoff that combines side characters from both Arrow and The Flash—still won’t premiere for a while, but a new rumor suggests that it might be getting its own spinoff, which would add so many spinoff layers to the network’s superhero empire that it could rupture the universe itself. The latest hero who might be getting her own CW show—which would eventually lead to a spinoff of the spinoff based on someone introduced in a backdoor pilot—is Ciara Renée’s Hawkgirl, an “ancient warrior” woman who has wings that pop out when she’s in battle mode. At least that’s what we think her character will be like, since Legends Of Tomorrow hasn’t premiered yet.

This rumor comes from SpoilerTV, and we feel the need to state that it could be utterly false, but the fact that it’s even remotely believable does highlight how energetic The CW has been about its superhero shows. We think it’s unlikely that someone who will presumably be one of the main stars of a show that hasn’t started yet would also want to star in a similar show at the same time, but this could indicate that Hawkgirl won’t stick around past the first season of Legends Of Tomorrow. Or, on the other hand, maybe none of this is true, and The CW is going to stick with three superhero shows for now. Besides, doesn’t the network realize that, of all the characters on all of its superhero shows, the one who deserves a spinoff the most is Arrow‘s salmon ladder?