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The CW may give a Wonder Woman TV show another go

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Not even a year after David E. Kelley's failed, hilarious Wonder Woman pilot, the character may be getting another chance on The CW, where women and superheroes regularly commingle. Vulture reports that the network has commissioned a pilot script from Allan Heinberg, a writer whose comic-book work includes stints on Justice League Of America, Young Avengers, and, most pertinently, a Wonder Woman relaunch in 2006, and who's also written for television shows such as The O.C., Grey's Anatomy, and Sex And The City. And yet, while his résumé would seem to be a setup for another soap opera in which Wonder Woman sings into a hairbrush to convey her vulnerability and considers using her truth lasso on the men she's dating, because men, Heinberg is sidestepping all such modern concerns by taking Wonder Woman back to her roots.


Tentatively titled Amazon, the show would instead take a Smallville tack to telling the origin story of Diana of Themyscira, presumably spending most of its time on the females-only island where she first learned to harness her powers, and delaying the day when she has to put on a ridiculous costume that the Internet hates for at least several seasons. Considering The CW is itself basically a females-only island where superheroes come of age, it would certainly be a natural fit.

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