With Rashida Jones’ Ann set to return to her home planet on Parks And Recreation, Jones has been busy focusing on that writing and producing deal she signed with Warner Bros., as a means of justifying all the suffering she will soon be causing for Amy Poehler’s character and thus the world. And while producing a show on The CW may not be enough to accomplish that, perhaps you’ll at least be momentarily distracted by the fact that it’s called Ladyballs?

Unfortunately, the script from Prep School Confidential’s Kara Taylor isn’t about what you probably think it is—i.e., a sporting goods store targeted at females, run by a self-sufficient yet quirkily dysfunctional woman with giant testicles. Rather it’s the far more CW-appropriate story of “two twenty-something estranged friends in search of love in New York,” where the love is, who realize they’ve been dating the same guy, then respond as one would: by teaming up to humiliate him in such a way that it makes them Internet-famous, inspiring them to set up their very own clandestine “payback” business. ("It's like Sex And The City meets The Equalizer," one imagines the pitch went.)


Ladyballs is already the second series to be sold this season by Jones and writing partner Will McCormack, after the Fox comedy Stuck. And interestingly, it will be co-produced by Jones’ older sister Kidada Jones, the model/actress/designer who was once engaged to Tupac Shakur—who, sadly, did not live long enough to provide the Ladyballs theme song. Unless (as many believe) he did, in which case, hey Tupac, make the Ladyballs theme song.