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The CW just bought Straight Outta Heaven, a TV show about angels who rap

(Photo: Artyom Geodakyan/Getty Images)

Deadline reports that The CW has just emerged victorious in a bitter bidding war for a “rapping angels” TV show from Boy N The Hood director John Singleton and his producing partner, Dallas Jackson. The hourlong drama is being described as “Touched by an Angel-meets-Ghost with an urban twist,” and “a faith-based, hip-hop-infused guardian angel drama.” Also, it’s called Straight Outta Heaven. presumably because God loves winking references to West Coast rap.

Lest you think a faith-based series about rapping guardian angels might not fit in with the network’s usual capes-and-fangs branding strategy, though, Jackson is ready to set you straight. The producer—who sold a pilot, Rebel, to BET earlier this year, also with Singleton—told reporters that, “The CW is the perfect home for this new kind of hero we’ve created whose superpower is faith.” Jackson also noted that the series is intended to serve urban and faith-based audiences with a superhero of their own.


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