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Some of MADtv's past cast members, including Keegan-Michael Key

The catchphrase-ridden nostalgia that fueled The CW’s recent MADtv reunion special appears to have lingered—worse, mutated—into a full-blown revival of the fallen sketch-comedy series. Deadline reports that the CW is planning to introduce a new generation (of primetime viewers) to the shenanigans of Stuart, the Vancome lady, and Coach Hines, or whatever recurring character they have the rights and desire to bring back.

The network has a modest proposal for anyone who needs to get their “Hotline Bling” and Gilmore Girls (one of the more promising revival series) parodies in before bedtime: There will be only eight hour-long episodes to start, with David E. Salzman returning as showrunner and executive producer. But Salzman won’t be the only one, as the cast is expected to feature new and old sketch players. While we hope this means that every avenue will be pursued in luring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele back—that is, unless the Key & Peele duo decide to follow up Keanu with a movie about a canine rescue—the CW hasn’t announced which former MADtv performers are returning.


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