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The CW is making The Flash/Arrow crossover a yearly event


The CW remembers that time earlier in the television season, when you watched its crossover event between The Flash and Arrow and totally loved it. It knows you posted on Tumblr about it, and .gif’d a bunch of images from it. The network even read your Barry/Oliver slash-fic, and then re-read it later again that night, because your writing is very…evocative. The CW has its marketing-synergy finger on the pulse of America’s youth, is the point, and it knows that the youth want crossovers. Therefore, it expects you all to be very grateful, because Deadline reports that the network will be making its Flash/Arrow crossover a yearly event.

“The crossover was so successful, we will be making it a special event in fourth quarter every year,” announced CW President Mark Pedowitz, demonstrating the kind of cutting-edge business lingo the kids can’t get enough of. Ratings were huge for this year’s story—well, CW-huge, anyway—so look for end-of-the-year visits between Central City and Star City. Although, frankly, it’s not that impressive: Buffy and Angel did this kind of thing all the time—at least, until the vampire slayer ended up slaying for another network. Even chosen ones can’t fight capitalism, it would seem.


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