Having enjoyed great-in-relative-terms success with its show about an archer who wages war against the rich, The CW is looking to replicate that success with yet another variation on the Robin Hood legend called Sherwood, as that is how development meetings go at The CW now, apparently. Presumably there is a dry erase board that currently reads, "RICH TEENAGERS KOOKY DOCTORS BOWS & ARROWS" and then brainstorming sessions take flight from there, dominated by fierce debate over whether the person handling those bows and arrows should be a brooding young man or a resilient young woman.

Of course, in Sherwood's case, the network will get to have it both ways: The show concerns a "young noblewoman" who joins Robin Hood and his now-gender-neutral Merry Myn, much as Sherwood joins The CW's other attempts to attract Hunger Games fans (not to mention its other adaptations of classic stories condensed into one-word titles and given tough female protagonists, Wunderland and Expectations). "Girls can't get enough archery!" someone at The CW is desperately exclaiming right now, flop sweat staining their market research spreadsheets, before discussions resume on Wilhelmina Tell.