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The CW is developing a Jane The Virgin spin-off

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Photo: Jane The Virgin (The CW)

It looks like the superhero and vampire shows aren’t the only ones worthy of spin-offs at The CW, as Variety is reporting that the network is developing a spin-off of Jane The Virgin. We heard back in May that this next season of the show will be its last, so this would be an easy way to keep the brand alive without having to muck up the original series, and the Variety story says that veteran Jane The Virgin writer Valentina Garza will write and executive produce the new project. Plus, original series creator Jennie Snyder Urman and star Gina Rodriguez will also be executive producing, so this should be in good hands.


As for what it’ll be about, The CW won’t offer any specifics just yet, but it apparently won’t involve any characters who are “currently appearing” on the main show. Variety’s sources say that it’ll actually be an anthology show with each season adapting a fictional in-universe novel written by Jane herself (with Rodriguez possibly narrating the show). There’s no guarantee that The CW would pick up the show as it moves forward, but if things don’t work out, we wouldn’t mind seeing Jane show up on DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. That’s a free idea, The CW.

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