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The CW is developing a Dark Shadows sequel series

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Seven years after the release of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows movie, the undead corpse of the vampire Barnabas Collins has once again begun to stir. According to Deadline, Revenge and Ghost Whisperer veteran Mark B. Perry has teamed up with The CW to develop a sequel series based on Dark Shadows—the supernatural soap from the ‘60s to be specific, not Burton’s cinematic reboot. Perry’s show will be a continuation of the original show, and in speaking with Deadline, he repeatedly compared his plans for Dark Shadows to what Star Trek did with Next Generation. As he explained it, he intends to “treat the show’s mythology with the same reverence given to Star Trek,” while also making sure it’s still accessible for the average CW viewer who isn’t especially familiar with the established canon of a TV show that aired decades before they were born. That being said, Perry also teased that there may be aspects of the original lore that he chooses to deviate from, so there might be some differences between this and the old show anyway.


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