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The CW gets yet another superhero with the trailer for the DC Universe collab Stargirl

Brec Bassinger
Brec Bassinger
Photo: The CW, Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Last night the first chunk of The CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths wrapped up, leaving all 927 of its superheroes in a hell of a bind. (We won’t say what that bind is exactly, though you could venture on over to Scott Von Doviak’s recap if you really want to know.) But if you’re concerned that any potential Crisis deaths might lead to a reduced bench for the Arrowverse, fear not: Stargirl is coming.

The series, from superproducer Greg Berlanti and co-showrunners Melissa Carter Geoff Johns (the latter also created the character), was originally intended for the DC Universe streaming service, and it’ll still premiere there when it arrives in 2020, but episodes will air on The CW the next day. It’s all very confusing. It’s unclear whether or not Stargirl will formally be a part of the Arrowverse—it might end up like Black Lightning, in that it’s related but not officially part of the pack, though Black Lightning himself just showed up in the crossover as well, so who knows.


They’d have that in common. Last month, Business Insider reported that Brec Bassinger’s Stargirl would make her debut in the crossover; a source told BI that the appearance would “explain how she fits into the ‘bigger DC live-action universe.’” That said, the trailer itself premiered during the Kevin Smith-hosted Crisis Aftermath special, so maybe that’s what they meant? Adding to the confusion, we’ve already met a version of Stargirl in the Arrowverse; Courtney, plated by Sarah Grey, appeared in a handful of season-two episodes of Legends Of Tomorrow.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll see more of Bassinger (and co-star Luke Wilson) when the series arrives in the second quarter of 2020.

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