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The CW developing female sportscaster series with Olivia Munn

The Newsroom

As reported by Variety, The CW is working with Olivia Munn on a series about a female sportscaster in the ‘70s. The basic setup is that “an ambitious New York news programming chief” decides to hire a woman to be an on-air sports reporter “as a publicity stunt,” with that woman now having to “navigate gender politics in front of and behind the camera at a time when women were literally not even allowed in the press box.” Variety notes that this is an appropriate project for Munn, as she actually covered sports for Fox Sports Net way back before she was on The Newsroom and The Daily Show and G4’s Attack Of The Show. The series doesn’t have a title yet—but you know it’ll be something snappy if it’s going to be on The CW—and it’s being written by The Good Wife’s Ted Humphrey. There’s also no word on how or when it will crossover with Arrow and The Flash, but they’re probably saving it for sweeps.


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