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The CW buys a show about magic gangsters from the iZombie team


Proving that there’s no concept so high that a dedicated mind can’t do it one higher, the creative team behind iZombie—a TV show about an undead morgue worker who solves crimes by eating pieces of people’s brains—has successfully sold a show about magic-wielding gangsters to The CW. Deadline reports that Graham Norris, Rob Thomas, Danielle Stokdyk, and Dan Etheridge have successfully pitched their home network on Criminal Magic, an hour-long drama about warring street gangs battling each other for “the most lucrative contraband of all: magic.”

The series will center on an undercover cop and a magically gifted young woman fighting to survive in a modern-day L.A. setting, one that’s apparently rife with hard-ass wizards and drive-by wandings. Thomas—who also created Veronica Mars and Party Down—has a long relationship with The CW; besides iZombie, he’s working on an ambitious TV adaptation of The Lost Boys for the network as well.


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