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The CW also picks up full seasons of Secret Circle and Hart Of Dixie, because why not?

Proving there is next to nothing that will get you canceled on The CW—short of not having a pretty lady in your show, or foolhardily attempting to suppress a restless nation’s need to tell Joe Francis he is a douchebag—the network has followed its full-season pickup of Ringer with similar deals for teen witch soap opera The Secret Circle and doctor dramedy Hart Of Dixie. Neither show has been doing all that great in the ratings, though Secret Circle’s 3 million viewer average makes it essentially The CW’s Super Bowl plus 60 Minutes, plus one of those shows with military policemen or whatever that old people watch. On the flipside, Hart Of Dixie scored around a 0.8 average for its debut, which are numbers that would probably be considered disappointing even on basic cable—but not on The CW, where everyone’s a winner! Anyway, now maybe more people will get the opportunity to find and then grow to love the show, where Rachel Bilson’s big-city doctor finds herself in a small town made entirely of puns, and also rips people’s hearts out, we think.


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