First, the bros took jobs away from honest, hard-working Americans, filling the lower ranks of law firms and sales departments everywhere. Then they started renting apartments in nice neighborhoods, cramming too many people into one small apartment and bringing down property values with empty kegs, broken Ping Pong tables, and ragged couches strewn across lawns. And then the bros wreaked havoc with health-insurance premiums, sending costs skyrocketing because of hospital visits due to company softball games, bar fights, and alcohol poisoning from over-indulgence at Entourage viewing parties. So it was only a matter of time before pop culture gave in, tailoring itself to meet the needs of this wave of bros. Mike Lachner, a.k.a. Wonder-Tonic, has prepped a parody of Kerouac’s On The Road—titled On The Bro’dand now has moved on to movie translations, providing subtitles of classic movies for bros so that they, too, may enjoy some cinematic classics. No word if Lachner also intends to support President Obama’s bro amnesty program, aimed at forgiving loans bros rack up purchasing retro basketball jerseys to wear to summer music festivals. [via The Daily What]