Star Wars fans are a dedicated bunch, so much so that they’ve driven George Lucas to give up film-making altogether rather than continue to face scrutiny every time he wants to further tweak his films, adding CGI blinks or genitals or whatever to Ewoks. The fans behind Star Wars Uncut have impeccable timing, then, as the final cut has hit the web and is streaming for all to enjoy. Masterminded by Casey Pugh, Star Wars Uncut divided the original Star Wars film (Episode IV: A New Hope, duh) into 15-second scenes and then called for fans to recreate those clips themselves. The Uncut team then assembled all of the scenes into one (sort of) seamless fan-shot recreation of the entire film. Part of the fun is seeing all the ways in which fans chose to recreate their scene (live action, stop-motion Legos, animation) and the varying quality of costumes, sets, and props. (An over-turned garbage can as R2D2 is DIY film-making at its cheapest and campiest.) Check out the full film below while you can, before Pugh and company decide to take their original creation and insert Jar Jar Binks’ ghost into it.