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The Crow remake is now being punted to another studio

The Crow

The producers of the long-in-the-works reboot of The Crow have added yet another entry to our Big Book Of Things Going Wrong With The Crow Reboot, with news coming today that the troubled production will be hopping from one studio to another. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the film is making the leap from Relativity—itself no stranger to troubled productions—to Davis Films, which will finance, produce, and distribute The Crow Reborn on the off chance that it ever actually gets made.

Past setbacks on the project have included the periodic fleeing of cast and crew, with quixotic producer Edward R. Pressman the film’s only regular presence. Pressman will stay on the film at the new studio, although it’s not clear if previously hinted star Jason Momoa will stick around as well. (The movie’s previous track record suggests Pressman, who also produced the Brandon Lee-starring original, probably shouldn’t hold his breath.)


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