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The Crow reboot looks dead, which is just so fitting

The Crow: Wicked Prayer

In what is easily the goth-est thing that’s happened since the last update on the Crow reboot, Relativity Media’s recent bankruptcy filing has thrown a wrench into its development slate. As a number of the company’s projects are put on hold or collapse as a result of that whole “we don’t have any money” issue, the films affected now include the moody younger brother of the film franchise world. According to The Hollywood Reporter, pre-production on the remake of The Crow has stalled, likely leading producers to lock themselves in their rooms, light some incense, and blast a My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult album.

Really, this might be the least surprising project to suffer uncertainty as a result of Relativity’s financial woes. The movie was plagued from the beginning (not that it doesn’t love a good plague) with behind-the-scenes troubles, most notably an inability to hold on to a leading man. As of June, there was still no one officially in place to put on the leather pants, white face paint, and sulk around a studio lot for a few months. Now, the latest word is that an entire production team walked off the set, along with several other department heads on the project. Relativity has simply released a statement saying, “We continue to be excited by The Crow,” which, yeah, they would be now, because once it’s dead it can finally be resurrected, possibly to the strains of some sub-par industrial music, or maybe that good Helmet song again. But whatever—it’s not like we care, Mom, God.


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