According to Deadline, the ill-tempered Crow reboot has finally settled on a director goth-y enough for it: Corin Hardy. He’s not an especially big-name filmmaker, but he apparently received some critical acclaim for a short film he made called Butterfly that you can see below—and no, it’s not about a guy who gets murdered and then comes back to life as a butterfly-themed spirit of bloody vengeance. Plus, Deadline says Hardy got the job based partly on a recommendation from Edgar Wright—who is not known for being especially goth-y—which has to be a good sign. When we last heard about The Crow reboot, producer Eli Pressman was saying that he hoped production would start in the spring, and with a director now in place, he might actually be able to make that happen. Also, Dracula Untold star Luke Evans is reportedly still the frontrunner for the lead role, but that probably depends on how he looks with Insane Clown Posse makeup.