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The creators of The Good Wife are making a political horror show for CBS

Like this, but with more shambling.

Nothing beats a good high-concept TV premise. As entertaining as a show about an advertising executive or a small-town sports team can be, they just don’t have the wow-factor of a show about cops who are also robots, or a show about a doctor who also rides a motorcycle. Now Robert and Michelle King, the creators of The Good Wife, are putting together their own high-concept TV premise, and it has already been picked up as a pilot by CBS.

This comes from Deadline, which describes the project—titled Brain Dead—as “a comedic horror hourlong show set in the world of D.C. politics.” Deadline also compares it to The West Wing and FX’s The Strain, neither of which is a comedy, so we don’t really have any idea what the show will be like. We’d guess it’s about a zombie president from the title, but The Strain is about vampires, so maybe it’s a political party thing where one side is zombies and the other side is vampires. We assume zombies will represent the Democrats, since their dream of turning everyone into a zombie is all about social equality (plus they like to eat brains), while the vampires will be Republicans because they’re all pale, old demons who need to drink blood in order to survive. Seriously, Robert and Michelle King, we hope you’re reading this. These ideas are free and we want you to steal them. Also, just change the name of the show to President Zombie. There’s no need to be clever here.


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