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Secret Hitler cards (Images: maxistentialism.com/secrethitler)

Last year, a trio of game designers calling themselves Goat Wolf & Cabbage released Secret Hitler, a card game that uses hidden identities, sabotage, and lots of lying to simulate how fascism might rise in a democratic government. As we’ve said in the past, it was a smart way of dressing up a fun game that has taken many forms—Werewolf, Mafia, The Resistance. Then Donald Trump went and got elected president, and its message became painfully, terrifyingly relevant.

Noticing an opportunity to educate some very important people who really shouldn’t be getting duped by our own (not so) secret fascists, Secret Hitler’s creators have announced they’ve sent a free copy to each and every U.S. Senator. Max Temkin, who also founded Cards Against Humanity and a number of anti-Trump campaigns during the election, shared the news on Twitter along with a video that explains why the game would be relevant to our elected officials.


One has to imagine the odds of any politician actually playing it are pretty low, but man, if it wouldn’t be a great opportunity for some edutainment and bipartisan bonding. If by some miracle that does happen, we hope C-SPAN has the cameras rolling. Capitol Game Night would be its most entertaining show since the Betsy DeVos hearing.


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