Art: Playdead

After bursting on to the scene in 2010 with the moody, monochromatic adventure Limbo, it took the game developers at Playdead four years to give us our first look at what was next. That game turned out to be Inside, another disturbing and superb puzzle game that just so happened to be one of our favorites of 2016. It’s only been seven months since the Danish studio dropped that body-horror nightmare, but Playdead is already teasing its next game. In a tweet sent out this morning, the studio thanked its fans for their support and let them know work had already begun on its third release. Attached was a single bit of art from the project. It certainly has that signature Playdead look and feel—dark, desperate, lonely—and appears to be a crash-landed pilot of some sort.


The tweet also mentions Playdead co-founder Arnt Jensen is leading the new game’s creation. He and the company have reportedly endured a bit of drama since Inside’s release. Jensen’s partner, Dino Patti, recently left the studio after 10 years and made out with $7.2 million in the split. Notably, according to Kotaku, the last nail in the coffin was a disagreement between the two founders over the timeline for the development and release of this next game.